The Next Generation inCarrier Tape Management

Introducing a revolutionary industry first – Re-Flex II – the ultimate solution for carrier tape manufacturing in-line and on-demand. Experience instant production, cost savings, and optimised storage.


The Next Generation inCarrier Tape Management

Introducing a revolutionary industry first – Re-Flex II – the ultimate solution for carrier tape manufacturing in-line and on-demand. Experience instant production, cost savings, and optimised storage.


On-Demand Pockets

Our cutting-edge carrier tape forming system empowers you to manufacture pockets exactly when you need them. Say goodbye to excessive inventory and wasted resources.

More Efficient Storage

As the flat stock tape used for the Reflex machines is far more compact than pre-formed tape, you can significantly reduce the amount of storage space that is required.

Cost Savings

Flat stock tape is a fraction of the cost of pre-formed tape, as well as reduced storage and shipping costs, an ROI can be achieved in as little as 6 months.

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About Re-flex II Carrier Tape Forming Machine

Re-flex II is the only way you can produce carrier tape in-house, In-line, and On-demand. By replacing the high cost of purchasing pre-formed carrier tape with the far less expensive flat tape material that is used by Re-flex, you can see a return on investment in as little as 6 months.

Through challenging other well-known issues of lengthy lead times, expensive shipping and sizeable storage requirements long since associated with existing component packing approaches, this new technology provides carrier tape as and when required which, in turn, guarantees substantial improvements in lead time to market and stock control.


On-Demand Carrier Tape Benefits

Re-flex II is the solution for In-line, On-Demand Tape Forming. The system enhances the productivity of modern production environments and reduces the need to store bulky pre-formed tape. In addition to efficiently producing standard pockets, Re-flex II can create an infinite number of pocket forms, making it ideal for many industries such as Automotive, Semiconductor, Medical & Life Science, Aerospace & Defence, Metal Stamping, Electronics & Connectors.

Produces exactly the amount of tape required, complete with leader and trailer.

Unformed tape reels of up to 1500m are much longer than formed reels (typically 30m upwards), greatly reducing tape changes.

Standard and complex custom pocket forms to accommodate user requirements.

Eliminates the need to hold bulky pre-formed tape, reducing requirement for storage space

Barcode setup eliminates errors and minimises changeover time, optimising productivity

Low power consumption and reduced wastage lessen the environmental impact of manufacturing operation.

Compact footprint

Re-flex II is designed with a minimal footprint of just 742mm x 480mm, this represents a negligible increase in floor area over that required for the use of pocketed tape. As On-Demand Tape eliminates the need to store reels of pre-formed carrier tape, the net result is a considerable reduction in the space used.

Minimise Wastage

Re-flex promotes the reduction in wastage in a number of ways, perhaps the most significant of these is by utilising reel lengths of up to 1500M (which directly translates to the output tape length, even on a deep Ko pocket). Each reel requires just a single hub – compare this to the traditional method of Carrier Tape supply, not only are the reels far shorter (often below 100M) but require both hubs and flanges. With the input material used by Re-flex II being far more compact compared to reels of pre-formed pockets, large savings are made in both transportation and storage. In addition to these benefits Re-flex II will make tape to the precise length required to satisfy each job, avoiding the frustrations that come with high MOQs for pre-formed tape supply. All of the reduced wastage benefits driven by Re-flex have, and continue to, assist end users in achieving their ISO 14001 accreditation.


The compact footprint, low power consumption and simple compressed air requirements not only minimise environmental impact and running costs, but also ensure that the system can be quickly and easily moved around the factory floor. The high quality OEM components that have been used for the Re-flex II build makes for straight-forward maintenance and servicing, reducing both downtime and costs.

Automated Process

Re-flex II is a highly automated and traceable solution that uses barcodes on both the flat form tape and the tooling to minimise changeover times between jobs and to eliminate operator errors. As well as ensuring that the correct tape and tooling is used, the barcode set up also provides traceability of materials. Re-flex II has been designed for fast, simple changeovers, minimising downtime and reducing operator errors. Reels of unformed tape are much longer than those of pre-formed tape, cutting the number of tape changes by as much as a factor of forty. Using a revolutionary carrier system, together with the barcode setup, the tooling allows operators to change to a new job in less than five minutes, whilst facilitating a fault free set-up.

Comprehensive SPC Data

Statistical process control (SPC) data can be accessed over a local Ethernet network, or from anywhere in the world via the internet. All aspects of the operation and any downtime can be tracked, and causes of downtime – whether due to an upstream stoppage or simply waiting for a tape change – can be analysed, providing key data for use on production process optimisation.

Vision Inspection System

Every Re-flex II system is fitted as standard with a vision inspection system. Capable of real time inspection, carrying out alignment and shape matching algorithms. The use of visual inspection eliminates the need for manual inspection process, this in turn will reduce your fail rate and guarantee 100% inspection ensuring pocket integrity and optimal performance on every form.

3D Inspection

Take your inspection further with real-time 3D inspection which offers high precision and fast 3D measurements. Offering up to 2.2 million points a second and accuracy’s of <0.4µm, 3D inspection gives you a new insight into your production.


Xwinder is a perfect solution for creating large reels of tape. Depending on pocket depth, single wind reels will commonly hold 90m of pre-formed tape, but Xwinder can allow for up to 1500m of pre-formed tape. Deeper pocket forms benefit from Xwinder even more because you can greatly increase your output reel which improves production efficiency.

What is On-Demand Tape?

Rather than holding stock of a wide variety of reels of pre-formed tape, the Re-flex II system allows tape to be embossed as required, thereby simplifying the process, reducing cost and cutting the space required for storage. On-Demand Tape offers the perfect solution for component manufacturers, electronics assembly and kitting houses. Re-flex II uses smart, low-cost tooling to quickly and efficiently create any pocket shape – from basic to complex.

Both standard and custom tooling is available, although the open approach of the Re-flex II also promotes tool design and manufacture by chosen local suppliers or in-house, minimising lead times and cost.

By integrating the production of tape into the manufacturing process, Re-flex II significantly improves process efficiency. In modern low to high-mix and low to high-volume production environments, Re-flex II eliminates the problem of sourcing part reels of products by producing exactly the amount of tape required for the batch/job, thus increasing efficiency, reducing storage space and eliminating wastage with tape being formed in-line and on-demand.

Pre-Punched Carrier Tape

Re-flex II uses pre-punched and pre-slit tape to meet the most demanding of requirements for the most complex tape forming applications. The rotary punch process used to create pre-punched tape ensures the highest accuracy, repeatability and results in a cumulative tolerance of sprocket hole spacing, P0, of ± 0.05mm (± 0.0019in) which is significantly greater than IEC/EIA standards of ±0.2mm (± 0.008in).

By indexing against the sprocket hole, the Re-flex II ensures a very accurate P2 position and even pitch spacing (P), enabling reliable operation of pick and place equipment.

Re-flex II allows the use of different tape materials to meet any pocket design characteristics.


Reflex Pre Punched Tape Diagram

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