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About Re-flex II Carrier Tape Forming Machine

Re-flex II by Adaptsys is a simple but effective way of producing carrier tape pockets
in-house.  By replacing the high cost of purchasing pre-formed carrier tape with the far less expensive flat tape material that is used by Re-flex II, a Return on Investment can be achieved within one year.

Through challenging other well-known issues of lengthy lead times, expensive shipping and sizeable storage requirements long since associated with existing component packing approaches, this new technology provides carrier tape as and when required which, in turn, guarantees substantial improvements in lead time to market and stock control.

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What is On-Demand Tape?

On-Demand Tape is a revolutionary concept created by Adaptsys. Rather than holding stock of a wide variety of reels of pre-formed tape, the Re-flex II system allows tape to be embossed as required, thereby simplifying the process, reducing cost and cutting the space required for storage. On-Demand Tape offers the perfect solution for component manufacturers, electronics assembly and kitting houses. Re-flex II uses smart, low-cost tooling to quickly and efficiently create any pocket shape – from basic to complex. 

Both standard and custom tooling is available from Adaptsys, although the open approach of the Re-flex II also promotes tool design and manufacture by chosen local suppliers or in-house, minimising lead times and cost.

By integrating the production of tape into the manufacturing process, Re-flex II significantly improves process efficiency. In modern high-mix, low to mid-volume production environments, Re-flex II eliminates the problem of sourcing part reels of products by producing exactly the amount of tape required for the batch/job, thus increasing efficiency, reducing storage space and eliminating wastage with the revolutionary concept of “On-Demand Tape”.

On-Demand Carrier Tape Benefits

Pre-Punched Carrier Tape

Re-flex II uses pre-punched and pre-slit tape to meet the most demanding of requirements for the most complex tape forming applications. The rotary punch process used to create pre-punched tape ensures the highest accuracy and repeatability and results in a cumulative tolerance of sprocket hole spacing, P0, of ± 0.2mm (± 0.008in) meeting IEC/EIA standards.

By indexing against the sprocket hole the Re-flex II ensures a very accurate P2 position and even pitch spacing (P), enabling reliable operation of pick and place equipment.

Re-flex II allows the use of different tape materials to meet any pocket design characteristics:


Description On-demand, in-line, embossed carrier tape forming system with programmable real-time inspection/defect detection.
Physical Specification Dimensions: Depth: 332mm (13.1”) | Width: 730mm (28.7”) | Height: 1620mm (63.8”) | Weight:120Kg (264 lbs)
Pneumatic Specification Recommended working pressure, PSI: 80 MinAverage air consumption, sfm (l/m): 8.5 (240) @ 80 PSI
SMC S Coupling provided
Electrical Specification Option 1 – Operating voltage: 240V max, 50/60 Hz, Current draw: 4.8A max, Power: 1.2kW max
Option 2 – Operating voltage: 110V max, 50/60 Hz, Current draw: 4.8A max, Power: 550W max
Option 3 – Operating voltage: Universal Low Voltage, 50/60 Hz, Current draw: 4.8A max, Power: 240W max
IEC C14 Socket provided. IEC C13 plug and lead required.
Noise Specification Sound level – 70dBa @ 1 metre
Controls Specification HMI: Custom HMI on Windows OS, PLC: Custom
Vision Specification High-speed vision system: programmable for 100% inspection of gross visual defects
Environmental Conditions (Recommended) Room temperature: 15-50°C (59-122°F), Humidity: * 0%-70%
Certification CE Certified
Input Material (Feedstock/Supply Reel) Specification: 25” (635 mm) diameter example: 1000 metres @ 0.3 mm tape thickness.
Tape width: 12.2 mm, 16.2 mm, 24.2 mm, 32.2 mm, 44.2 mm, 56.2 mm, 72.2 mm and 88 mm.
Pre-punched tri-laminate PS/ABS/PS, single layer PS or PC - 0.3 or 0.4 mm thick.
Output Tape Specification 0.5mm to 30mm K0

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